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$ 24.95

Terry Wiest has over 38 years of experience fishing for salmon and steelhead. In this book he shares the knowledge gained from those experiences, and the lessons learned from speaking with countless other experts.
Award-winning author Terry Wiest proudly presents Steelhead University: Your Guide to Salmon & Steelhead Success. A comprehensive, no-holds-barred approach to making sure you catch some of these world-renowned fish—and catch them consistently. 
Going beyond the Pacific Northwest, Terry combines 37-plus years of experience, thousands of hours on the water, time spent fishing and consulting with other authors and experts, countless hours of research and experimentation, into this book in order to share it with those who share his love for these wonderful creatures, wherever they are found throughout the world. 
From descriptions of each species, preparing to fish, proper equipment, water types and weather conditions, several different methods for both salmon and steelhead, and finally caring for your catch, no detail is left out.