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water-temp Water Temp 33F
$ 7.49

If you like to nymph fish, you probably want to become familiar with Dinsmore tin split shot. This convenient dispenser is filled with split shot, which cast better and make less of a splash than round lead shot, for more effective presentations. The tin is more resistant to bending, and is coated with a cushioned surface that protects your tippet. The end result is a shot that won’t slip as readily, so you spend less time fussing with your rig, and more time fishing. And best of all, you won’t be contributing toxic lead into your favorite trout stream. So, improve your nymphing, and help out the environment with Dinsmore Egg Shaped Tin Soft Shot. This shot comes in sizes BB-6 in each container.
The extra soft shot allows less to no damage when pinching them onto your leader.