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water-temp Water Temp 36 F
$ 12.95

Size/Lb Test Tip Diameter Butt Diameter
8 lb 0.009" 0.022"
10 lb 0.010" 0.022"
12 lb 0.011" 0.022"
16 lb 0.014"  0.022"
20 lb 0.015" 0.024"


Some fluorocarbon leaders are blended with nylon, lessening the benefits of abrasion resistance and low visibility. Pure fluorocarbon Mirage™ has the highest abrasion resistance of any leader or tippet. And its refractive index is so close to that of water that Mirage is virtually invisible. With a specific gravity of 1.76, it breaks surface tension quickly and sinks quicker than nylon, perfect for nymphing. Fluorocarbon materials retain their knot and tensile strength in water. 1-Pack.