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water-temp Water Temp 57 F
$ 89.95

A powerful front taper turns over heavy indicator rigs with ease while a long rear taper and head provides immense mending and line control at long range.

Whether it is trout or steelhead you choose to nymph for, this is the perfect line for you. It was designed with the sole purpose of helping you effectively fish and control your indicator rigs. Two big stoneflies? No problem. A few lead-eyed egg patterns? No worries. Small nymphs with big splitshot? Easy.

The Rio Trout/Steelhead Indicator Line is available in WF4F-WF8F. We prefer to the 4-6 for trout, and the 7 & 8 for summer and winter steelhead. This line is also made with a supple, coldwater coating to ensure no memory.

InTouch. The Rio Trout/Steelhead Indicator Line features Rio’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology. The low stretch in these lines is a genuine enhancement in fly line performance: better feel, better hook setting, less opportunity to miss that subtle take and more opportunity to hook up on that next fish.