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water-temp Water Temp 65F
$ 49.95

This is a super slick, long distance casting shooting line perfect for all types of shooting heads. RIO markets this running line as both a Spey shooting line and a Coldwater Series Saltwater shooting line. The floating versions of each are identical.
The floating running lines are perfect for Skagit and Scandi heads as well as floating RIO Max II Shooting Heads. The intermediate running lines are perfect for intermediate and heavier shooting heads in the saltwater.
Each shooting line has a supple, cold water coating for tangle free performance.-Great strength and durability. 

  • -Each size is color coded for easy recognition
  • -Extra-large, welded loop at front end, big enough to pass coiled shooting head through
  • Total Length – 100’
  • Floating or Intermediate Sink Rate