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water-temp Water Temp 60F
$ 29.95

This book is a fun-to-read technical manual based on the author’s 30-plus years of pursuing steelhead. Learn from Gorman’s successes and mistakes and shave years off your learning curve. Even if you’re a steelhead veteran, you will find strategies that will add to your success.
Flies, techniques, equipment—all the basics are covered. Then Gorman takes it a step further by giving you invaluable real-world tactics for overcoming the many challenges that can get in the way of your steelheading success—crowded rivers, rude anglers, your own frustration and impatience, lack of knowledge and skills, changing river conditions, temperamental steelhead . . . Catching steelhead consistently requires planning and preparation for all possibilities. This one-of-a-kind book shows you how to deal with any combination of challenges and, most importantly, formulate a strategic game plan to effectively deal with them. All you’ve got to lose is years of frustration.