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Daily Report

April 27 2018

On Thursday we had cold and windy conditions in the morning along with scattered rain showers. In the afternoon it finally stopped raining and late in the day was the warmest part of the day when the sun popped out briefly before it went down. With the recent rain and melting snow coming off the Tug Hill it's no surprise with the increased water level. The best water clarity and least amount of runoff is in the upper end of the river between the Bovines and Altmar. We currently have a mix of drop backs scattered from top to bottom and steelhead still spawning in the gravels areas of the river. We've had high water for most of the month, so anglers who were already here, knew where to go and what to do. The drift boats are taking advantage of the high water conditions and floating most of the river. The majority of bank anglers are fishing the diversions and side channels in the mid to upper end of the river. Over the last couple of days anglers who are fly fishing have had the most success dead drifting with woolly buggers, squirmy worms and sucker spawn. Anglers who were float fishing or bottom bouncing had success with egg sacs and pink worms.


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