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Water Safety

The Salmon river is a hydroelectric river, and the CFS cubic feet per second or water flow can change at any time. The varying water levels combined with the constant motion of the water changes the river bed. What was safe and firm footing today may not be tomorrow. This is particularly a problem in the Spring. Ice flows during the winter carve out new channels and the Spring flood waters dig them deeper.

  • Stay alert for changes in the water level.
  • Know your physical limitation and abilities.
  • Wade with caution and carry a wading staff.
  • Wear anti-slip soles, spikes or other effective "grippers".
  • Wear polarized sunglasses to spot hazards (and fish).
  • Keep wading belt tight and never get into a situation in which waders can flood.
  • Stay well away from dams, discharges and water intakes.

Crossing the River and Safe Wading

A wading belt is a must, especially with the new baggy style of the breathable waders. If you should fall in the river it would take only a matter of seconds before your waders took water and you downstream. The river bottom is slippery year round. If you are not contending with moss and mud, then it is shelf ice. This leads us to another suggestion - spiked foot wear. Here are some good examples of different kinds of spiked foot.