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Daily Report

September 22 2019

Over the weekend we had hot and sunny conditions with the temperature reaching into the 80's. The number of anglers on the water increased which is normal for this time of year especially on the weekend. With the increase in anglers we also got mixed reports depending on where they fished, some sections fished better first thing in the morning while others fished better in the afternoon. The anglers we spoke with who fished the DSR reported steady movement of kings in the mid to lower section of the run. Other anglers we spoke with who fish the lower end of the river reported having some action around the Black Hole, Staircase/Longbridge, Town Pool and Ballpark. In the mid to upper section of the river anglers reported kings holding in and around the deeper holes and larger runs. The lower end of the river as well as the deeper holes in the upper end of the river have been getting the most fishing pressure on a daily basis. If your willing to walk and looking for some solitude the mid section of river is always a good choice. The upper and lower fly zone are both currently open and the few anglers we spoke with who fished them reported having some action at both areas. The most productive patterns have been woolly buggers, egg sucking leeches, comets, estaz eggs, sucker spawn and glo-bugs.


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