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water-temp Water Temp 33F

Daily Report

November 12 2017

Saturday was another cold day with the early morning temperature in the mid teens, but with calm conditions and plenty of sunshine the temperature reached into the 30's in the afternoon. The last couple of days have been dry and the water conditions have been stable, the runoff has slowed up and the water clarity is clear. The water level is still high but the river is fishable and anglers are fishing. If your not comfortable with this water level some of the smaller local tributaries is another option. Yesterday we got mixed reports from anglers, some anglers got into fish and had a good day, while others did not. It mostly depended on experience level and what section of river your fishing. The upper section of river between Altmar and Pineville is getting the most fishing pressure on a daily basis which is normal for this water level. If your looking for some solitude, the mid to lower end of the river would be a good choice. Anglers having the most success are covering lots of water and fishing along the edges and inside seams of the faster water. For those anglers who are fly fishing, pink and chartreuse egg patterns dead drifted or fished under a strike indicator has been productive. If your looking to swing streamers, black/purple, olive/white, black/olive, pink/white have all produced results. For those anglers who are bottom bouncing or float fishing, blue, pink and chartreuse egg sacs have been most productive.


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