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Daily Report

December 13 2017

The snow just keeps falling and Pulaski looks like a winter wonderland. Tuesday was another snowy day with white conditions at times but the temperature did hold around 30 degrees for most of the day. Last night the cold arctic air arrived along with more lake effect snow. Today the coldest weather of the season is expected along with windy conditions and scattered lake effect snow showers. Yesterday we did not have many reports from anglers. Late morning after I finished plowing snow I took advantage of the temperature still being in the 30's and fished the DSR. I moved around and covered some water but managed to land a mix of fresh chrome as well as some colored up fish. The fresh fish I landed were holding along the inside seams of faster water and the darker fish were holding along the softer water and slower edges. I did get a couple fish on blue but pink and chartreuse produced the majority of action.

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