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Daily Report

September 11 2022

On Saturday the fishing pressure greatly increased from the number of anglers we were seeing during the week. Depending on where you fished, anglers reported that the best action was first thing in the morning with small pods of 1-3 fish on the move. Once the bright sun was out and the temperature reached into the upper 70's, the movement slowed and the fish seemed to be holding in the deeper holes. The lower end of the river continues to get the most attention which is normal for this time of year especially early in the season when new fish are coming in. Anglers in the lower end of the river are focussing on all the normal areas such as RT2A, Ballpark, Town Pool, Longbridge/Staircase, Black Hole and the DSR. Anglers who fished the mid to upper end of the river did report small pods of fish holding in some of the deeper holes. 

Suggested patterns:

Streamers; Beadhead Krystal Buggers in size 6, Beadhead Wolly Buggers in size 4, Egg Sucking Leeches in size 2. Conehead Muddlers in szie 4. Fishskull Zonkers in size 4. Comets in size 4.

Egg patterns; Glo-bugs in size 6, Sucker Spawn in size 4, Estaz eggs in size 6. 

Nymphs; Rubber legged stones in size 6, Kaufman stones in size 4, Estaz stones in size 6.



Monday - Thursday 7:00AM - 7:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 7:30PM.

Sunday 7:00AM - 6:00PM. 

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