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water-temp Water Temp 45F

Daily Report

November 26 2022

Please check safe waters for the latest update, the release from the dam has been increased. On Friday we had scattered showers in the morning along with very high winds in the afternoon and the temperature reached into the 40's. Yesterday we got mixed reports from anglers, depending on experience level and where they fished. Some of the anglers we spoke with who had success did so by covering water in the mid to lower end of the river. Anglers who are fly fishing have been having success using egg patterns under a strike indicator, dead drifting with nymphs or swinging streamers with sinking leaders. For those who are bottom bouncing or float fishing, egg sacs and beads have produced the best results on a daily basis. 

Suggested patterns:

Streamers; Beadhead Krystal Buggers in size 8, Beadhead Woolly Buggers in size 10, Egg Sucking Leeches in size 6. Conehead Muddlers in size 4. Fishskull Zonkers in size 4. Flesh fly in size 6.

Egg patterns; Glo-bugs in size 8, Sucker Spawn in size 6, Estaz eggs in size 10. 

Nymphs; Prince nymph in size 10, Rubber legged stones in size 8, Beadhead stones in size 8, Estaz stones in size 6

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