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Daily Report

December 18 2022

On Saturday we had mostly cloudy conditions with the temperature in the mid 30's for most of the day and no new snow despite what was forecasted. The fish seemed like they adjusted to the recent drop in water and the majority of anglers we spoke with reported having a good day throughout the river.  We currently have fish spread out in the river from top to bottom. In the lower end of the river anglers have been getting into fresh fish along the edges and softer seams of the transition water. In the upper end of the river the fish have started moving into the normal winter holding areas with a mix of fresh fish and colored up fish. If your willing to walk and trying to avoid other anglers the mid section of river would be your best choice. For those anglers who are fly fishing a variety of techniques are working, dead drifting with nymphs, using a strike indicator with egg patterns or swinging streamers with sinking leaders have all produced results. For those anglers who are bottom bouncing or float fishing, pink and blue egg sacs or beads have been producing steady results.
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