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Daily Report

October 03 2023

On Monday the really warm weather continued with sunny conditions and the temperature reached into the 70's. The majority of anglers we spoke with coming through the shop reported having another good day throughout the river. Depending on what section you fished, the lower, mid and upper sections all produced plenty of action with a mix of kings and cohos. In the upper section of river the Upper & Lower Fly Zones have been producing plenty of action on a daily basis. In the mid to lower section of river, anglers have been having success around the Trestle, Pineville, Sportsman, Ballpark, Town Pool, Longbridge/Staircase, Black Hole and the DSR.  

Egg patterns: Estaz eggs in chart, blue, purple, size 6. Glo-bugs in chart, pink, orange, size 6. Sucker spawn in chart, pink, blue, size 4.

Nymphs: Estaz stones in peacock, brown, chart, blue, size 6. Rubber legged stones in size 4.

Streamers: Black or purple egg sucking leeches in size 4. Woolly buggers in black, olive, brow, white, size 4. Fish skull zonkers in black, white, olive size 4.

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