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Daily Report

October 21 2023

Friday was another mild day with a mix of sun and clouds and the temperature reached into the 60's. The rain held off until the end of the day and leaves were not a factor until later in the afternoon when the wind picked up. As we head through the weekend, cooler weather conditions along with rain is expected. The anglers we spoke with who fished the DSR reported getting into a mix of mostly steelhead along with some kings. The majority of anglers in the lower end of the river have switched over and are now focussing on steelhead. For those anglers still looking for salmon, the mid to upper section of river is your best bet, with salmon holding in and around the gravel areas. 

Egg patterns: Estaz eggs in chart, blue, purple, size 6. Glo-bugs in chart, pink, orange, size 6. Sucker spawn in chart, pink, blue, size 4.

Nymphs: Estaz stones in peacock, brown, chart, blue, size 6. Rubber legged stones in size 4.

Streamers: Black or purple egg sucking leeches in size 4. Woolly buggers in black, olive, brow, white, size 4. Fish skull zonkers in black, white, olive size 4.

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