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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

January 05 2018

On Thursday the temperature did reach near 20 degrees and it was great while it lasted. Around late morning I checked the slush ice in the lower end of the river and it cleared enough that I could get a few hours of fishing time in. I fished the DSR and hooked into a couple steelhead but landing them was the problem. There were some patches of open water where you could fish, but with significant shelf ice on both sides of the river as well as anchor ice coming off the bottom, landing fish was an issue and all of mine broke off along the edge of the shelf ice. Check the weather, over the next couple of days we will have a blast of cold arctic air along with lake effect snow and windy conditions. The temperature will struggle to reach into the single digits and will be well below zero with the windchill factor.
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