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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

December 07 2023

Wednesday was a cold day with the temperature staying below freezing throughout the day. Another day of below average temperatures are expected before we head into a warm up for the upcoming weekend. Over the last couple of days we've had mixed reports from anglers, some groups have been able to get into some fish, while others have had a tough time. The drift boats are taking advantage of the higher flows and covering lots of water, while the bank anglers are looking for some softer water along the edges and inside seams.  For those anglers who are fly fishing, dead drifting or indicator fishing with egg patterns as well as swinging streamers with sinking leaders have all produced results. For those anglers who are float fishing or bottom bouncing with spinning gear, pink, blue and chart egg sacs as well as beads have all produced results.  

Egg patterns: Steelie omelette in size 10, Estaz eggs in chart, blue, purple, size 10. Glo-bugs in chart, pink, orange, size 10. Sucker spawn in chart, pink, blue, size 6.

Nymphs: Prince nymphs in size 10, Hare's ear in size 10, Pheasant tails in size 10, Flashback nymphs in size 10, Steelhead hammer in size 12, Beadhead stones in size 10. 

Streamers: Black or purple egg sucking leeches in size 6. Woolly buggers in black, olive, brow, white, size 6. Fish skull zonkers in black, white, olive size 6.

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