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water-temp Water Temp 54F
from $ 12.95

Size Test
Diameter (lb).
4X 4 0.007
3X 5 0.008
2X 6 0.009
1X 8  0.009
N/A 10 0.011
N/A 12 0.013
N/A 15 0.013
N/A 20



Maxima has incorporated all the desirable properties of 100% Fluorocarbon into this line. This made-in-Germany line has been produced using 21st Century Carbon Technology and offers the ultimate in invisibility, castability, and durability. A blend of low refractive materials and a special non-reflective finish makes Maxima totally invisible to the fish in the water. A new polymer structure makes Maxima more sensitive and enhances it's smooth casting performance. The special finish is additionally treated with a UV-protective agent to further extend the line's useable life. 27 yards per spool