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water-temp Water Temp 54F
from $ 4.95

Size Super Strong
Pound Test
6x 3.5 lb 0.005"
5x 4.75 lb 0.006"
4x 6 lb 0.007"
3x 8.5 lb 0.008"
2x 11.5 lb 0.009"
1x 13.5 lb 0.010"


Super Strong Leaders and Tippet Material is a co-polymer resin system developed exclusively for Orvis and is sold by no one else. This is Orvis’s best selling material of all time—a great material at a great price! Use lighter fly fishing tippets to fool more fish without worrying about breaking them off because the strength of knotted Super Strong™ Tippet is higher than any other nylon material and much greater than that of fluorocarbon tippet materials. Line retainer on each spool. 30 meters per spool