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water-temp Water Temp 45F
$ 6.99

Total Length Test Tippet Diameter Butt Diameter
9ft 2.7m 8lb .011in .279mm 0.027in 0.686mm
9ft 2.7m 10lb 012in .305mm 0.027in 0.686mm
9ft 2.7m 12lb .014in .356mm 0.027in 0.686mm
9ft 2.7m 16lb .015in .381mm 0.027in 0.686mm

RIO's Steelhead/Salmon leaders are designed and built to match the needs of the steelhead and salmon fly fisher. The leaders are made of a medium stiff nylon and have a powerful taper design that easily turn over larger flies, and cope with tough winds. The copolymer material is incredibly tough and highly abrasion resistant.
Medium-stiff material for turning over larger flies
Long butt section and taper for great turnover
Maximum strength and abrasion resistance
Ideal for:

  • Steelhead
  • Salmon
  • Streamers
  • Spey