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water-temp Water Temp 45F
$ 3.29

UV2  Seal-X Ice Dubbing. Each brush is approximately 50 inches long and comes in ONE COIL. We make with a high shine silver stainless steel wire. (which we also sell, see dubbing brush wire) This allows you to use exactly what you want unlike other BRUSH manufacturers that precut their brushes into 9 or 10 inch lengths. It almost seems they make them to force you to waste 20% of your brush. Here is a bit more about the dubbing itself which you can purchase as a straight dubbing.
Spirit River leads the way in UV technology and Fusion Seal-X is one reason why.
This is a relatively coarse dubbing designed for larger stonefly, steelhead, streamer and saltwater patterns. Folks are loving this 100% multi spectrum dubbing for minnows, intruders and stone fly nymphs. I love it for buggers and leeches. We will be expanding this line up soon.