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water-temp Water Temp 48F
$ 2.99

24 per pack. Fly tying beads. Beads are amazing. How did we ever live without beads thirty years ago. Can not imagine a fly fishing world without fly tying beads. Crazy without fly tying beads. Nonsensical without fly tying beads. Copper fly tying beads. Gold beads. Nickel beads. Guess what? Nickel performs the same as silver. Brass beads. Black beads.  Cyclops beads are part of our daily lives. We eat fly tying beads. We breathe fly tying beads. We pay for gas with fly tying beads. We put gold beads in our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not really. Point is, these Hareline Cyclops fly tying beads are a staple in our fly tying. Land this is so because bead-head flies catch fish! Last week we laid a gold Cyclops bead in the parking lot in front of the Shop and a giant steelhead came flying out of the sky to gobble the tiny thing up. Really happened.