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Daily Report

April 02 2018

On Monday we had calm conditions with plenty of sunshine and the temperature reached 40 degrees. The snow in Pulaski is gone but were still dealing with snow up on Tug Hill which is where the Salmon River watershed comes from.  This may not be your favorite water level, but with the increased flow the river is still fishable. The few bank anglers we spoke with fished the upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville. Now that the Upper Fly Zone is open, that should help take some of the pressure off the Lower Fly Zone. The month of April generally provides anglers with several different opportunities as a fishery. This time of year we still have a few fresh fish entering the river, keep in mind we've had steelhead entering the river since late October. Not every steelhead that enters the river goes to the hatchery, many of the fish that come in will spawn in the gravel areas of the mid to upper section of the river. Once these fish have completed the spawning process, they drop back down the river and return to Lake Ontario. Another thing to consider is that not every steelhead that returns to the hatchery is used for egg collecting. Many of those fish will spawn in Beaverdam Brook which is on the hatchery grounds. Once the spawning process is completed, these fish can leave when they are ready, that is why they don't all leave at the same time or on an exact day. 


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