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Daily Report

September 15 2017

Over the last several days the fishing has remained good in the lower end of the river. Fished have reached the upper end of the river but were getting very few reports from that section and the majority of anglers are focused on the lower end. Anglers we had staying in the motel this week reported doing very well at the DSR with a mix of kings and cohos. As the fish continue to move through the DSR, areas such as the Black Hole, Staircase/Longbridge, Town Pool, Ballpark, Clamshed and 81 Hole have all produced steady action this week depending on the day. As compared to last this season at this time, the weather has been cooler along with colder water temperatures and better flows. If you remember last season, we had extremely hot weather along with drought conditions and the river temperature was running roughly 10 degrees warmer then it is right now. With tough fishing conditions over the last 3 years many anglers were holding off until October. So far this year the fishing has been off to a very good start and not very crowded yet. That will change as we head through the remainder of the month but as of this past week we had a good person to fish ratio. Also just a reminder that the Lower Fly Zone is now open as well as the Upper Fly Zone. 


Monday - Thursday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 8:00PM.

Sunday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.


  • Black egg sucking leeches with orange, pink or chart head,size 4.
  • Black, brown, olive or white woolly buggers in size 2-6.
  • Large estaz stones in blue, purple, pink, chart and red, size 6.
  • Estaz eggs in blue, orange, pink and chart size 6.
  • Black, white or olive zonkers in size 6.
  • Comets in chart, orange, pink and red, size 4.
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