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Daily Report

August 03 2018

Welcome back. Now that it's August we will be in and out of the office during the first part of the month catching up on everything we missed while we were closed. We are also working on getting the shop and motel ready for the upcoming fall salmon/steelhead season. Thank you to everyone who called this week and confirmed motel reservations, we updated the open dates on the motel page of the website. As we get closer to fish entering the river, the open dates will go fast as groups are trying to make last minute adjustments. This happens every year and we'll keep you posted if rooms become available.

Overall during the month of July the fishing on Lake Ontario continued to be excellent. The majority of the month we had very good king salmon fishing at the eastern end of Lake Ontario as well as Oswego. The last week of the month we had some crazy winds which brought very cold water into Mexico Bay, the kings scattered and brown trout close to shore became the focus. In the last few days the kings are starting to show back up. As we progress through the month the lake fishing is only going to get better as the salmon begin staging in deep water in front of the Salmon River and Oswego River. Once these fish start entering the river it's going to be fun times and were very excited about the fall run. 

On a weather related note, May, June and the majority of July was hot and dry with almost no rain. The first couple of recreational whitewater releases were cancelled. During the last week in July and first couple days of August we have picked up some rain which is exactly what we needed moving forward. 

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