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Daily Report

October 20 2017

Over the last couple of days the weather has been nice and is expected to continue right through the weekend. We still have a few salmon moving through the lower end of the river but the best action for salmon has been in the upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville. The salmon have been holding in and around the gravel areas of the river. Anglers fishing the Upper & Lower Fly Zone have reported getting into mostly kings along with a few cohos. In the lower end of the river the majority of anglers have been targeting steelhead. If your fly fishing, egg patterns under a strike indicator or swinging streamers has produced steady results. Bright colored egg patterns have worked well in the lower end of the river, while pale colors have seemed to worked better in the upper end of the river. Anglers using streamers have done well with egg sucking leeches, woolly buggers and flesh flies. 

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 5:00AM - 8:00PM.

Sunday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Suggested Patterns:

  • Sucker spawn in chart, pink, blue, cream. size 6
  • Glo-bugs in pink, orange, egg, chart, oregon cheese. size 6-10
  • Estaz eggs in chart, pink, blue, red. size 10
  • Steelhead bugger in peacock. size 6.
  • Bunny leeches in black or olive. size 6
  • Flesh fly in size 6
  • Woolly buggers in white, olive, brown or black. size 4-8
  • Black egg sucking leeches in size 4-8.
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