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Daily Report

October 05 2019

Over the last couple of days we had some cooler weather conditions with the temperature near 50 degrees and last night we had our first frost of the season. On Friday the fishing pressure increased as anglers arrived for the weekend which is normal for this time of year. Overall the reports from anglers have been mixed, those who covered lots of water and fished hard said they did well, while others said it was slow, mostly depended on experience level and what section of river you fished. In the lower end of the river kings have been moving through the DSR, Black Hole, Staircase/Longbridge, Town Pool, Ballpark and Papermill. In the mid to upper end of the river the fish have been holding in and around the deeper holes and larger runs such as Sportsman Pool, Ace in the Hole, Pineville, Trestle Pool, Ellis Cove and Schoolhouse Pool. We also spoke with anglers who reported getting into some fish in the Upper Fly Fishing Zone. The most productive patterns have been estaz eggs, glo-bugs, sucker spawn, comets, woolly buggers, egg sucking leeches and hot stones. 


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