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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

February 22 2021

On Sunday we started out in the morning with the temperature in the single digits, but with blue skies and plenty of sunshine the temperature reached into the 30's in the afternoon. The good news is that warmer temperatures are expected over the next couple of days and will provide anglers with a great opportunity to take advantage of conditions.  Anglers stopping into the shop reported getting into fish in the upper end of the river in Altmar as well as the lower end of the river at the DSR. Anglers who were fly fishing had the most success indicator fishing with egg patterns or dead drifting with nymphs. Anglers who were float fishing or bottom bouncing have been having success with egg sacs, pink worms or beads. 


Monday - Saturday; 7:00AM - 6:00PM.

Sunday; 7:00AM - 5:00PM.

Suggested Patterns;

STREAMERS: Beadhead woolly buggers in, black, olive, brown, white, peacock, grizzly, size 8. Egg sucking leeches in black, purple, size 6. Chicken little in pink, orange, chart, size 8.

EGG PATTERNS: Steak-n-eggs in orange, pink, size 10. Steelie omelet in chart, cerise, peach, size 10. Estaz eggs in chart, pink, blue, orange, white, purple, size 10. Glo-bugs in pink, blue, oregon cheese, red, orange, size 10. Sucker spawn in cream, white, chart, pink, blue, orange, size 8.

NYMPHS: Rusher nymphs in pink, blue, purple, chart, size 10,  Steelhead hammer in red, orange, chart, blue, pink, purple, size 10. Pheasant tails size 10, Prince Nymph size 10, Beadhead stoneflies in black, brown, golden, size 10. Copper John in green, gold, black, red, size 10. Hare's ear in black, natural, size 10. Rubber legged stones in black, brown, size 10.

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