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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

September 14 2021

On Monday we had warm and sunny conditions with the temperature reaching into the mid 70's in the afternoon. The crowd had cleared out and not nearly as many anglers were on the water as compared to the weeekend. The anglers we spoke with who fished the lower end of the river reported having a slow day. They described it as some fish holding in the deeper holes but very little movement from any fresh fish. Other anglers stopping into shop reported fish holding in some of the deeper holes in the mid to upper end of the river as well. Anglers said if you cover water and put your time in you can find some fish and the one thing anglers said they enjoyed the most was having some solitude.

Yesterday the boats were able to get back out on the lake, still fishing out deep, 130 -150 feet of water north of the Salmon River, that's where the temperature is. They were able to get into plenty of kings and cohos with echip flashers & atomik flies producing the best results.   

The motel dates have been changing by the phone call and were trying to keep them updated. Just because you don't see the date listed your looking for, keep in mind that the person who literally called right before you did could of been making a change. When in doubt it's always best to call just to see if anything opened up or ask to be on a waiting list for a specific set of dates.  

Suggested Patterns:

Streamers: Comets in orange, pink, chart, size 4. Egg sucking leeches in black or purple, size 4. Beadhead woolly buggers in black, olive, orange, red, size 6. Fishskull zonkers in black, olive, white, grizzly size 4.

Nymphs: Estaz stones in blue, red, purple, rootbeer, chart, pink size 6. Steelhead hammer in blue,black, pink, chart size 6. Rubber legged stones in black, olive, brown size 6. Rubber legged Kaufman stones in black or golden size 4.

Egg patterns: Estaz eggs in blue, orange, pink, chart, purple size 6. Glo-bugs in chart, pink, oregon cheese, steelhead orange, light blue size 6. Omelets in chart, peach, cerise size 6. Sucker spawn in pink, chart, orange, blue size 6.

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 8:00PM.

Sunday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

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