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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

December 07 2021

On Monday we had mild weather condtions along with very high winds and steady rain throughout the day and evening. Due to the amount of rain we got and significant runoff it's no surprise the dam released has been increased to a very high level. As of this morning the dam release was 2200cfs and Pineville gauge was reading 3000cfs. At this point most anglers will wait to see what happens with the water level and wait for conditions to improve. Please check the water levels and conditions before making the trip. 

Suggested Patterns:

Streamers: Egg sucking leeches in black or purple, size 8. Beadhead woolly buggers in black, olive, orange, red, size 6. Fishskull zonkers in black, olive, white, grizzly size 8.

Nymphs: Rusher nymphs in blue, purple, chart, pink, size 10. Steelhead hammer in blue, pink, red, black, size 12. Rubber legged stones in black, olive, brown size 8. Rubber legged Kaufman stones in black or golden size 8.

Egg patterns: Steelie omelets in cerise, chart, peach, size 10. Steak-n-eggs in pink, orange, size 10. Estaz eggs in blue, pink, chart, purple, white, size 10. Sucker spawn in oregon cheese, blue, pink, chart, white, size 6. 

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday 6:00AM - 6:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Sunday 6:00AM - 6:00PM.

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