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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

December 12 2021

Despite the weather conditions, the water level continues to be up and down like an elevator. Saturday went as predicted, we had extremely high winds, scattered rain showers and the temperature reached into the mid 50's. With the warm temp's and rain we lost what snow we had so it makes sense that the power company decided to lower the water level. Don't even try to understand it, at least the bright side is that were heading in the right direction and hopefully the water conditions continue to improve. Not many reports from yesterday, anglers we had staying in the motel either checked out early and didn't fish or headed to the smaller local tributaries for a few hours before heading home.  

Suggested Patterns:

Streamers: Egg sucking leeches in black or purple, size 8. Beadhead woolly buggers in black, olive, orange, red, size 6. Fishskull zonkers in black, olive, white, grizzly size 8.

Nymphs: Rusher nymphs in blue, purple, chart, pink, size 10. Steelhead hammer in blue, pink, red, black, size 12. Rubber legged stones in black, olive, brown size 8. Rubber legged Kaufman stones in black or golden size 8.

Egg patterns: Steelie omelets in cerise, chart, peach, size 10. Steak-n-eggs in pink, orange, size 10. Estaz eggs in blue, pink, chart, purple, white, size 10. Sucker spawn in oregon cheese, blue, pink, chart, white, size 6. 

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday 6:00AM - 6:00PM.

Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Sunday 6:00AM - 6:00PM.

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