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water-temp Water Temp 48F

Daily Report

November 19 2022

On Friday we had a mix of sun and clouds along with the temperature reaching into the mid 30's. Yesterday we did not get any new lake effect snow, the heavy band of lake effect snow stayed north of us and hammered the Watertown area. It actually turned into a really nice day to be on the water and anglers reported having a good day both in the upper and lower end of the river. The increased water flow has helped spread out the fish and anglers, allow the drift boats to cover more water as well as continue to bring fresh fish into the river.

Suggested patterns:

Streamers; Beadhead Krystal Buggers in size 6, Beadhead Woolly Buggers in size 6, Egg Sucking Leeches in size 6. Conehead Muddlers in size 4. Fishskull Zonkers in size 4. Flesh fly in size 6.

Egg patterns; Glo-bugs in size 8, Sucker Spawn in size 6, Estaz eggs in size 10. 

Nymphs; Prince nymph in size 10, Rubber legged stones in size 8, Beadhead stones in size 8, Estaz stones in size 6

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