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water-temp Water Temp 54F

Daily Report

March 28 2018

Please check the waterline for the latest update. On Tuesday we had cloudy conditions with the temperature reaching into the mid 40's. Late in the day we did have some scattered rain showers but nothing major. Another day of mixed reports from anglers, some groups got into a few fish, while others did not. Some days have been better then others but it mostly depends on experience level and what section of river you fished. The upper section of river is holding good numbers of fish but is also getting the most fishing pressure on a daily basis. The mid section continues to be a good choice if your willing to walk and looking for some solitude. In the lower end of the river anglers have been getting into a mix of both bright and dark fish as well as a few browns. Anglers who are bottom bouncing or float fishing have had the most success with pink and blue egg sacs, marabou jigs, pink worms and beads. For those anglers who are fly fishing, egg patterns such as glo-bugs or sucker spawn under a strike indicator has been productive as well as dead drifting with pink worm flies, black stoneflies and wiggle stones. Just a reminder that the Upper Fly Zone will reopen on April 1st which also happens to be Easter Sunday.


Monday - Saturday 6:00AM - 7:00PM.

Easter Sunday 6:00AM - Noon. (closing early)

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