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Daily Report

April 20 2018

Please check the waterline for the latest update, the water level has come down. On Friday we had cold and windy conditions in the morning, but in the afternoon we actually got some sunshine and the temperature reached into the 40's. We did see an increase in the number of anglers as people started arriving for the weekend. Several groups we spoke with fished some of the smaller local tributaries over the last couple of days and reported getting into fish. Other bank anglers we spoke with reported getting into some fish in the upper and lower end of the river. The majority of fish that anglers reported landing were drop backs. Anglers who were bottom bouncing or float fishing had the most success with blue and pink egg sacs or pink worms. Anglers who were fly fishing had success dead drifting with woolly buggers, stoneflies or squirmy worms as well as indicator fishing with egg patterns or san juan worms. The weather is expected to improve over the weekend with warm and dry conditions in  the forecast. 


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