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water-temp Water Temp 33F

Daily Report

March 01 2019

On Friday the morning started out cold, but with blue skies and plenty of sunshine the temperature reached into the mid 30's in the afternoon along with calm conditions. With the morning temperature in the single digits slush ice was a factor in the lower end of the river but cleared around mid day once it warmed up. In the upper end of the river slush ice was not a factor. With the recent drop in water level and nice weather conditions we did see an increase in the number of anglers coming up for the weekend. Overall we got mixed reports from anglers, some groups were in the right area when the water dropped and were able to get into fish, while others had a tough day with no success. Anglers reported having success in the Lower Fly Zone, Ellis Cove, Bovines and DSR. For those anglers who are fly fishing, dead drifting with nymphs or indicator fishing with single egg patterns produced the best results. The most productive patterns were rusher nymphs, steelhead hammer, wiggle stones, infected pheasant tails, pink san juan worms, estaz eggs and glo-bugs. Anglers who were bottom bouncing or float fishing had the most success blue egg sacs or beads.


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