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Daily Report

March 13 2019

On Wednesday we had cloudy and calm conditions with the morning temperature in the teens and reaching near 40 degrees in the afternoon. In the lower end of the river slush ice was a factor first thing in the morning but cleared around mid day. Over the last couple of days bank anglers have been taking advantage of the low water conditions. The reports have been mixed depending on who we spoke with and where they fished, but overall the best reports have been in the upper end of the river. Anglers we have staying in the motel have been doing well in the Lower Fly Zone. With the low water the fish have been holding in and around the deeper holes and larger runs. Indicator fishing with single egg patterns or dead drifting with nymphs has produced the best results. The most productive patterns have been black stoneflies, rusher nymphs, wiggles stones, woolly buggers, pink squirmy worms, sucker spawn, estaz eggs and glo-bugs. For those anglers who are bottom bouncing or float fishing blue egg sacs, pink worms and beads have produced steady results on a daily basis. Over the next couple of days mild weather is in the forecast and will give anglers a great opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy spring like conditions.
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