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Daily Report

April 23 2019

Tuesday was another very mild day with the temperature reaching 70 degrees and late in the day rain showers moved through our area. Now that the water level has come down and combined with the nice weather we saw an increase in the number of anglers getting out and taking advantage of conditions. The anglers we spoke with reported seeing good numbers of fish still spawning as well as fish that have completed the spawning process and are dropping back. The drop backs have been scattered throughout the river and the spawning fish have been holding in and around the gravel areas of the river. Anglers who are fly fishing have had the most success dead drifting with egg patterns around the gravel areas or covering lots of water while swinging streamers with sinking leaders. The most productive patterns have been glo-bugs, sucker spawn, egg sucking leeches, bunny leeches, woolly buggers, zonkers and conehead muddlers. For those anglers who are float fishing, pink and blue eggs, beads, pink worms and marabou jigs have all produced results.
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