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Daily Report

November 22 2017

On Tuesday we started out with the temperature in the low 30's, but by the afternoon the temperature reached into the mid 50's. The snow we got from the previous day has melted and as of early this morning it was raining. The last couple of days we got mixed reports from anglers, it mostly depended on experience level and what section of river they fished. With the snow melt the water temperature has come down into the upper 30's. The majority of fish are still holding in the transition water, but a few fish have started moving into the winter water. The upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville continues to get the most fishing pressure. Anglers who are bottom bouncing with pink or blue egg sacs or float fishing with eggs and beads have done well in this section. The Upper & Lower Fly Zone has produced steady action for some anglers, with black, olive or brown nymphs and pale colored single egg patterns producing the best results. The mid section of river is also producing some action and is a good choice if your willing to walk and looking for some solitude. The lower end of the river has seen increased fishing pressure over the last couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I fished the DSR and landed several steelhead, half of mix were chrome and the other half were colored up. I also landed a nice brown along with a small coho. I covered lots of water and the majority of fish were caught in the transition water while float fishing with egg sacs. Just a reminder we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


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