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Daily Report

October 28 2022

Earlier in the week the mild weather was nice while it lasted, but on Thursday the temperautre returned to normal for this time of year and it now feels like steelhead season once again. It's also leaf season, so depending on whether or not it's windy, leaves have been a factor. In the last couple of days the steelhead action has improved in the lower end of the river with anglers getting into some fresh chrome in the Ballpark area, Longbridge/Staircase and the DSR. For those anglers still looking to get into some salmon, the gravel areas in the mid to upper end of the river would be your best bet. Anglers who fished the Upper & Lower Fly Areas have reported a mix of kings and cohos along with a few steelhead starting to show up.

Suggested patterns:

Streamers; Beadhead Krystal Buggers in size 6, Beadhead Woolly Buggers in size 6, Egg Sucking Leeches in size 6. Conehead Muddlers in size 4. Fishskull Zonkers in size 4. Flesh fly in size 6.

Egg patterns; Glo-bugs in size 8, Sucker Spawn in size 6, Estaz eggs in size 10. 

Nymphs; Rubber legged stones in size 6, Kaufman stones in size 4, Estaz stones in size 6.

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