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Daily Report

April 17 2018

Tuesday was another cold and windy day. In the morning we had scattered lake effect snow showers and in the afternoon we had windy conditions with the temperature struggling to reach into the mid 30's. The few anglers we spoke with reported having a slow day in the upper end of the river. On Monday we did get some heavy... read more.

Daily Report

April 15 2018

On Sunday we had freezing rain for most of the morning and in the afternoon it stopped raining and the wind picked up. The few anglers we spoke with had some success in the mid section of river as well as some of the smaller local tributaries. The anglers who were fly fishing had the most success dead drifting with... read more.

Daily Report

April 14 2018

On Saturday the temperature was in the mid 40's in the morning and by the end of the day it had dropped into the low 30's. The rain held off and we had cloudy conditions. We got mixed reports from the anglers we spoke with, some anglers managed to land one or two fish while others had no success at... read more.

Daily Report

April 12 2018

Please check the waterline for the latest update. On Thursday we had cloudy conditions with the temperature reaching into the upper 40's. The rain held off until later in the day and really wasn't that bad. Over the last couple of days were still just seeing a few anglers on the water, it seems most anglers are waiting for the... read more.

Daily Report

April 10 2018

On Tuesday we had some snow flurries in the morning, but we did get some sunshine in the afternoon and the temperature reached 40 degrees. Over the last couple of days the cold weather and high water has cut down on the number of anglers on the water. Either way the river is still fishable, we have fish and the... read more.

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