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Daily Report

September 09 2022

Over the last couple of the days most of the anglers we have spoken with have been fishing the lower end of the river, mostly in the DSR, Staircase/Longbridge and Ballpark. Some days have been better then others but that's normal for this time of year. Most of the anglers that are here now prefer this time of year because... read more.

Daily Report

September 06 2022

On Monday it was very humid with the temperature near 70 degrees, but with heavy cloud cover and light drizzle throughout the day, it was good conditions for fish movement. The majority of anglers that we spoke with were pleasantly surprised with the amount of action they had and reported getting into kings in the Ball Park Area, Staircase/Longbridge and... read more.

Daily Report

September 01 2022

On Wednesday we had very windy conditions along with scatterred storms in the afternoon and evening. We did get some cooler weather conditions and the night time temperature dropped into the upper 50's. Yesterday was an all day blow so no boats were able to get out on the lake. We did not speak with any anglers who fished the... read more.

Daily Report

August 30 2022

On Monday we had very hot and humid conditions with the temperature reaching into the 90's. The traffic were getting in the shop right now has been a mix of lake anglers staying in the motel going on charters, anglers stocking up on fly tying materials or river anglers who made the trip up in hopes of some early season... read more.

Weekly Report

August 24 2022

The shop is now reopen for the season, as preseason orders continue to roll in were stocking up and getting ready. Depending on the product and or brand were still dealing with some supply chain issues, but as of right now were at least starting the season off with most items available. If your coming up fishing for your annual... read more.

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