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water-temp Water Temp 60 F

Daily Report

April 29 2018

On Sunday we had cold and wet conditions. In the morning we had wet snow showers with the temperature in the 30's and in the afternoon we had scattered rain showers and the temperature reached 40 degrees. We currently have a mix of drop backs scattered throughout the river and fish that are still actively spawning. The lower end of... read more.

Daily Report

April 28 2018

On Friday we had cloudy and dry conditions with the temperature reaching near 60 degrees in the afternoon. Anglers reported that the clarity had improved from the previous day and was not an issue. The anglers we spoke with who fished the lower end of the river reported having no success. The anglers who had the most success fished the... read more.

Daily Report

April 27 2018

On Thursday we had cold and windy conditions in the morning along with scattered rain showers. In the afternoon it finally stopped raining and late in the day was the warmest part of the day when the sun popped out briefly before it went down. With the recent rain and melting snow coming off the Tug Hill it's no surprise... read more.

Daily Report

April 24 2018

Tuesday was another very mild day with sunny conditions in the morning and clouds in the afternoon and the temperature reached into the upper 60's. The mild and sunny conditions over the last couple of days has helped bring the water temperature up. We currently have drop backs scattered throughout the river from top to bottom with the head and... read more.

Daily Report

April 22 2018

Well it seems that spring has finally sprung and over the weekend we caught a break with the weather.  Sunday was another beautiful day with blue skies, plenty of sunshine and the temperature reached into the 50's. The mild and dry conditions are expected to continue over the next couple of days. With the nice weather and recent drop in... read more.

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