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Daily Report

September 08 2023

On Thursday it was hot and humid with cloudy conditions and was nice to get a break from the sun which helped with fish movement. We had showers move through mid morning and later in the day. The hot and humid conditions are expected to slowly move out of here as we head through the weekend along with chance of... read more.

Daily Report

September 05 2023

On Monday we had hot and humid conditions with the temperature reaching into the mid 80's, more of the same is expected to continue over the next couple of days. Anglers stopping into the shop reported some action while getting into kings in the lower end of the river around the Town Pool area, Longbridge/Staircase, Black Hole and the DSR.... read more.

Daily Report

September 02 2023

The month of August finished up with below average temperatures and above average precipitation. Now that were into September the extended forecast calls for some dry, hot and humid conditions, not exactly what most of us wanted to see, but you can't control the weather. On Friday the number of anglers increased as people started arriving for the long holiday... read more.

Daily Report

August 28 2023

Over the weekend with the nice weather conditions and drop in water level, it's no surprise we saw an increase in the number of anglers. So far the early season salmon fishing has been off to a good start compared to the last couple of years. It's not big numbers yet, but in the lower end of the river we've... read more.

Daily Report

August 21 2023

Over the weekend most of the anglers stopping into the shop were picking up gear for the season or fly tying materials. We did speak with a few anglers who came up to check out the river in hopes of finding some early season salmon. The DSR did report that the first salmon of the season was landed and a... read more.

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